Well, I did it. I started a blog. I had at least ONE WHOLE PERSON suggest that I start one. Ergo, this is me acquiescing to my GIGANTIC fanbase. You’re welcome, you.

Seriously though, this blog will be sort of random. Book reviews (or at least what I gathered from said book, this will not be a place for comprehensive reviews), theological thoughts, stories, or anything else that pops into my mind. Maybe a short story or two? A cigar recommendation? Who knows? The cyber-sky is the limit.

Either way, I am writing as a way to bring more optimism in the world. Not quite to the extent of a Pollyanna, but at least with the hope that the reader walks away a little lighter, a little more joyful, and little more full of hope. I mean, let’s face it, optimism can be hard to see in this day and age. We all could use a little hope. Hope born and bred within the Christian narrative – that God created the world, we somehow broke the section we are a part of, but in His mercy, He gives us redemption, regeneration, and hope for everyone.

Grace and peace,


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